“For years I have worked with passion and heart for developing CHOICE Finland skincare products. The result is a great representation of Finnish skills and dedication. The purely natural cosmetics line has been developed with love to you.”
– Maija

CHOICE Finland product line signifies strong Finnish women and cold beautiful winter of the arctic nature. The company’s mission is to elicit positive actions and thoughts by taking care of ourselves, others, and nature. CHOICE Finland believes that the world is a better place for everyone when you look at life with an open mind and approach it with big heart. We love their products and share their views at Authentic Finnish! What an amazing tribute to the women of Finland! 

As you might know, we have four very different seasons in Finland. We mainly spend our long and sunny summer days enjoying cottage life, the beautiful lakes and of course sauna. This can be tough for the skin. Opposite to that are the freezing cold winters of the North Pole where the Celsius degrees can drop up to -30! The skin has to deal with both weathers. On the other hand, the sun is very strong during spring when the nature starts to come back to life. The arctic autumn turns everything into beautiful orange, red, and yellow colors, with the down side of regular rains. 

The arctic nature caused challenges for CHOICE of Finland in developing their skincare line that they however conquered so well! Not only their products do what they promise but they also are gentle and efficient without any harmful chemicals. 

The love and care that has been put into their products also translate to the fully recyclable packaging materials and local production. As they told us, they feel that they have succeeded in their efforts when their purely natural cosmetics support the customers’ overall wellness. Working towards that goal is pure joy at CHOICE Finland! 

“Everything beautiful and good comes from within. That is why true wellbeing starts with understanding of and empathic actions towards others. So let us take care of ourselves, of each other, and of the nature. – With huge hearts!”

– Verna –

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