Did You Know This About Oil Hemp and Oil Hemp Seeds?

Hemp is an old crop in Finland where it’s farming is getting a new boost. You can find a variety of oil hemp species farmed during the short Nordic summer season thatproduces high quality seeds. In addition to oil hemp, fiber and stalk are produced in Finland’s fiber hemp fields. Oil hemp yet has features and ingredients that make it a top food source of valuable nutrients. Use of high-quality oil hemp products also helps in preserving our environment as no pesticides are needed for farming hemp.

Hemp Seeds’ High-Quality Nutrients

Hemp seeds are excellent nutrition as such or to be used in cooking and baking. They are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants while healthy fibres of the carbohydrate in the hemp seeds help balance your digestion. Hemp seeds are also one of the few seeds containing chlorophyll. Soaking and germinating oil hemp seeds will further improve their nutritional values.

Finola is an oilseed hemp variety that was developed in Finland. It is non-drug variant of Cannabis sativa L., collectively known as “hemp”. Due to this, these products DO NOT contain any psychoactive components.

However, Finola oilseed hemp is an excellent source of sustainable food and fiber but also an effective ingredient of natural cosmetics.

Well-Absorbable Oil Hemp Proteins

Hemp seed protein (25% of the seed) contains all amino acids necessary for the human body to funtion properly. The protein contains 65% edestin and 35% albumin, both of which are high quality and well-absorbable proteins. Unlike many other sources of protein (such as milk or soy), oil hemp rarely causes allergic reactions. Moreover, hemp protein includes no digestive inhibitors typical for soy protein. The high-quality protein and fiber are also suitable for treating pets’ digestive problems, hair, paws, or hoofs.

Hemp Products at Authentic Finnish:

Impolan kasvitila
Linnunradan tila

Hemp Seed and the Immune System

Hemp seed is one of the best sources of manufacturing globulin, a serum protein that is found in blood. It thus strongly supports the functioning of our immune system that needs alpha, beta, and gamma globulins. Hemp seeds also contain a large amount of arginine amino acids that contributes to our blood circulation.

High Quality Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil contains 75% of essential fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6) in an optimum proportion. Hemp oil also contains gammalinolenic acid (GLA, omega6) and stearidonic acid (SDA, omega3) rarely found in vegetable oils. Both are biologically valuable and important for the metabolism of fatty acids and they may prevent inflammation in the body. All these fatty acids help us keep blood cholesterol levels lower and maintain good health. The green color of the oil is due to the chlorophyll in hemp seeds.

Natural Hemp Cosmetics

Hemp oil can be used internally but also externally for atopic eczema skin care, for example. The hemp oil used in cosmetics is obtained by cold pressing hemp seeds, that is, without the use of additional heat to extract the oil. Hemp oil is excellent in skin care thanks to its versatile omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, hemp oil has plenty of vitamin E that protects and cherishes your skin.

Further information about the positive effects of oil hemp can be found in the following publications:


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