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Welcome to the Authenic Finnish web site!

We have been designing, constructing, and editing this platform for quite some time. The work has been supported by our dream of creating a brand new web site and an online store that focuses on selling and promoting authentic and high quality Finnish products. The main idea was, in particular, to create a site for Finnish producers with limited opportunities to expand their business especially abroad. However, there is a lot of creativity and innovation in Finland, as well as unique and well-designed products, for which there clearly is demand outside our borders.

The Authentic Finnish site aims to be the most successful marketplace for Finnish designs and handicrafts. We will bring the fruits of Finnish creative work to all customers. We focus on a range of new ideas, high quality and individuality. Our goal is not only to establish a popular market place but also a platform that supports Finnish small business entrepreneurs, designers and artists in their very busy and sometimes lonely work.

The site has just been opened, and there is still much to do and develop. The Finnish design and high quality together with hand-crafted and largely ecological production of Authentic Finnish products are highly valued in the world. We firmly believe that there is a great need for such a site among both small Finnish producers and modern consumers around the world. We will continue further developing of this site and striving to meet those needs.

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