I got a chance to test a few new products available at Authentic Finnish online store. I got a bottle of Hemp Seed Shampoo produced by Impola together with Laundry Vinegar and Vacuuming Powder developed by Kulkurin Kartano. 

Let’s get started with the cleaning products by Kulkurin Kartano. After opening the laundry vinegar bottle, I was amazed: How can vinegar smell so good! I had the products with fragrances of Lumi and Cotton. Cotton was my absolute favorite but my mom loved the fragrance of Lumi. She actually enjoyed the products so much that I already ordered her the vacuuming powder and laundry vinegar as a birthday present. 

In using the vacuuming powder for the first time, I basically poured the powder on my carpet. However, I quickly realized I needed only a bit of the powder to get an amazing waft in my apartment. The same applied when I added the laundry vinegar in my washing machine. So, don’t go overboard! – These products last long. 

As a hairdresser, I have quite a lot of experience in shampoos and hair treatments in general. I’m also happy to see new hair products enter the market, especially Finnish vegan products that are currently much in demand. 

Impola’s Hemp Shampoo is in fact one of the best shampoos I have used so far! It cleanses your hair but does not completely strip off the good fat that your hair needs. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh as well as moisturized. It does not lather as much as shampoos that contain sulfates and one needs to get used to that. We all are conditioned to expect a lot of foam when washing our hair but the truth is: It is not needed in order to get your hair cleaned! I definitely will use this shampoo again. It also is a good detox for your hair when it needs to have a break from chemicals. 

All in all I’m hooked and as I run out of these products, I will try new scents, but the fragrance of Cotton will definitely stay in my house!  


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