Probably any of us has heard of hemp at some point in their life. Not as many people yet know the great benefits of oil-hemp-seed products for the skin and body. The word hemp easily raises suspicion among people. Here we offer some information of the process of making hemp seed products to sweep away incorrect images and help in understanding the value of purely natural hemp cosmetics. 

Hemp farmers in Finland use FINOLA oil hemp seeds and grow oil hemp that has no psychoactive THC, the ingredient that creates the skepticism around the hemp products. Already in choosing the oil hemp seeds the farmers make sure they will get the best possible wellness products for the consumers and their skin. In particular, no pesticides are needed in growing the oil hemp. Everything even during the hemp growth process is 100% natural. The seeds are cold pressed in order to have the nutritious oil which is then used as a base for shampoos, lotions, creams, soaps etc. The oil itself is perfect for treating atopic skin or eczema. It has gamma linolenic acid that helps in reducing infection and makes the oil an excellent antioxidant. The seed oil also has omega acids, amino acids, and loads of vitamin E. All these rich ingredients make it real miracle oil that works completely naturally and efficiently for your hair & body. 

You can use hemp seed oil in so many different ways. For example, you can take pure oil internally to get control of eczema or atopic skin and to release the infection. Lotions and creams act perfectly on any dry skin areas but you also can apply them all over the body. Hemp seed shampoo does wonders for your hair and scalp in treating and moisturizing them naturally. You may find many other hemp seed products such hemp protein and laundry detergents.

Hopefully also this article will help to correct the false images of oil hemp products and reduce the mistrust around them. It is important to understand that FINOLA oil hemp is a completely different plant from the hemp used for hallucinatory purposes. 

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