The products of Authentic Finnish online store typify Finnish people’s creativity, expertise, and true love of nature. Lehto Peat® with its treatment peat products represents such a unique Finnish brand.

LehtoPeat’s natural peat cosmetics are designed with 100% passion! The other day I contacted Heikki Ruha, the founder of LehtoPeat Ltd. The knowledge, passion, and excitement he talks with really take you to Lehtosuo swamp lifting the peat with him. It is amazing how everything they do and produce is organic. They are fully engaged in all the steps starting from digging and lifting the peat and ending with education about peat’s natural healing and treating powers.

Only after a few minutes talk, it is easy to notice that Mr. Ruha has worked as an entrepreneur in the peat industry for more than 30 years. The expertise of the “peat brothers,” as the Ruha brothers call themselves, is based on both strong experience and education. They acquired theoretical knowledge in peat production at Jyväskylä’s social and health education institute, and graduated in 1999 as peat treatment experts. Today, the brothers want to share their expertise and their company LehtoPeat Ltd. organizes courses to train new peat treatment experts.

Not many peat products in the market have a scientific review from research laboratories and geologists! However, LehtoPeat® products have actually been analyzed by Riitta Korhonen, a peat scientist and geologist of the Geological Research Centre. She concluded that the peat layer found in Lehtosuo is extremely old and its composition is ideal for treatment peat. In the very beginning, Lehtosuo produced fuel peat but when they came across this excellent quality treatment peat the spark had been lit! Today they focus on treatment peat and process it into the amazing, effective, and completely natural peat products that you can find in our online store.  

Here below you have a few tips and tricks in using treatment peat, shared with us by Mr. Ruha!

  • Apply a uniform peat layer on your body or the skin area you want to treat. Make sure your skin does not show through.
  • Hair Peat works best when you leave it on for 20 minutes. You will get the best results when you use Hair Peat as treatment regimens. 
  • Remember to cleanse your face before, and after, using Face Mask. Peat Toner works great for this purpose. 
  • Bigger LehtoPeat packaging size works perfectly when shared with family & friends.

– Verna M –

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