Arctic wild berries ripening in clean Finnish forests deserve all the recent praise as natural superfood. They are also an important part of Nordic food culture. For example, lingonberries are most successful in the climatic zones of the northern hemisphere with acidic soil rich in organic matter and high groundwater. The arctic berries are tasty and contain important vitamins and nutrients essential to health. For example, wild lingonberry contains many vitamins and trace elements, such as manganese, magnesium, and vitamins A and C, as well as important cellular flavonoids. It is also a natural and non-fat source of vitamin E. 

Many of our wild berries also have scientifically proven healing effects. According to several studies, Finnish wild berries seem to improve brain function, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and curb body’s quiet inflammation. For example, arctic wild blueberry (bilberry) prevents the activity of free radicals harmful for human cells while lingonberry (cowberry) prevents the growth and activity of bacteria. (; more reference down below) The high antioxidant content of lingonberries also seem to offer protection against cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cancer. According to Finnish nutritional recommendations, we indeed should eat at least a deciliter of arctic wild berries every day. 

You can find many of the healthy berries in the innovative wellness products we introduce on Authentic Finnish Web Shop. They all are chosen and treated carefully to serve as powerful natural sources of important daily nutrients. These arctic berries are still picked from the forests by hand. What is also unique with our berry products is that they are so easy to use and restore. The arctic berries are treated using methods that preserve almost all the valuable nutrients of the healthy natural berries as well as their excellent flavor. This is a result of our producers’ long-term dedication to offer high-quality natural and healthy food from the arctic Finnish nature.         

Freeze-Dried Arctic Berries

Thanks to a unique scientific freeze-drying process developed in Finland, these tasty berries contain practically all (97%) the vitamins and nutrients of fresh wild Finnish berries. Moreover, you do not need a freezer to restore the berries. You can keep the packages in your regular cabinet and use the berries whenever you want. You can easily take them with you anywhere and enjoy the berries as your healthy snack. What is unique with these carefully freeze-dried berries is that they look and taste like fresh natural berries when liquefied. You can add the amount of berries needed to your pastries, drinks, and cereals to get the unique taste of arctic Finnish nature whenever you want!  

Finberry – Wild Blueberry Powder 

Based on a special low-temperature drying process, these berry powders contain most of the important nutrients included in fresh wild Finnish berries. The arctic wild blueberries used for the bilberry powder come from clean and fresh arctic areas and forests of Finland. Authentic Finnish Web Shop offers pure wild blueberry powder (100%) and also mixes of arctic Finnish berry powders, such as berry powder containing wild blueberry and black currant. Arctic berry powders are easy to store and add to your breakfast cereals each day.     

Valo24h – Roasted Flaxseed With Natural Berries

The nutrients of slowly roasted ground flaxseed products gain even more power when mixed with arctic wild blueberries, lingonberries, or rare sea-buckthorns from fresh Finnish forests. Only small amounts of the linseed products cover our daily need of antioxidants important for human cells. For example, roasted and crushed flaxseed together with sea buckthorn is rich in both C and E antioxidant vitamins. Linseed is generally known as fiber that effectively supports our digestive system. What is even better is that the roasted flaxseed also contains essential omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help both the normal functioning of our intestine and the maintenance of our blood sugar balance. Moreover, dietary flaxseed is found to independently lower circulating cholesterol and increase fecal fat excretion. Authentic Finnish Web Shop offers high quality roasted flaxseed with added arctic wild blueberries, lingonberries, and rare sea-buckthorns. Each of these flaxseed-berry mixes will help you get your necessary daily nutrients very easily.    


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