New wooden serving dishes just arrived at our web shop. These utensils are excellent examples of high-quality Finnish joinery. They are manufactured in Helsinki by Ranka Oy. Their skilled joiners produce furniture, kitchen furniture, and stylish gifts from various tree species. Their genuine wooden items and furniture are not only beautiful and unique designs, but also very durable and even eternal when treated properly. Ranka Oy’s thoughtful handmade wooden items are treated with oil or wax, leaving their surface with a definitive, beautiful tint. Wood is a living material that, when oiled and waxed, maintains its natural color very well. Moreover, the natural ingredients of wood destroy bacteria making wooden dishes also excellent for table settings.

The wooden household utensils designed by Ranka Oy make a stylish and timeless addition to any table setting. The joiners respect the unique characteristics of each wood type and bring out the best features of the tree species. Moreover, finishing of wood requires careful planning to ensure that the finished piece looks attractive and performs well in service. Skilled handwork combined with thoughtful designing result in elegant pieces of wood decorations for home. For example, the wooden Ranka Bowl is hand-carved from Finnish alder. It has a unique, curved and deepening shape that follows alder trees’ natural pattern. Adding non-toxic wood oil and wax on its surface naturally protects the wooden bowl and intensifies the color of alder tree. All Ranka designs are unique modern pieces of any tableware that you also can give as special presents. We deliver Ranka Oy’s wooden designs in a nice carton gift box.

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