Flow Cosmetics

Natural Beauty from Finnish Arctic Herbs

Flow Cosmetics is a trademark of a family-led company established in 2004 by Riitta Jänkälä, cosmetologist and hairdressing professional from southern Lapland. Being frustrated by the daily dose of chemicals she began to work on skin and hair care products that would be based on nothing but edible ingredients, such as seed oil from berries, marigold extract, coconut fat, salt, sugar, apple vinegar. Studying aromatherapy led her to natural cosmetics emphasizing the healing effects of herbs and plants. She managed to develop purely natural beauty products that harness the healing benefits of plentiful local, indigenous ingredients of Finnish nature.

Flow production meets the criteria for certified natural cosmetics. They use certified organic ingredients and plants that have grown wild in the clean nature of northern Finland. The plants of the north are grown in tough conditions where the short, intensive summer with the midnight sun enables the plants to absorb an exceptional amount of protective bioactive substances. The plants are picked from clean, arctic regions. In developing the products they strive to make their cosmetics as natural as possible, while making sure they really work as well. The proportion of either organically grown or wild ingredients in Flow cosmetics is particularly high. Ingredients such as heather, juniper, northern berries, and the seed oil extracted from these come from their partners in Lapland, while an organic farm in the town of Hyvinkää supplies them with nettle and marigold.

Flow Cosmetics is a member of the Finnish Natural Cosmetics Association. The company develops their own recipes and produces Flow cosmetics in a small factory in Hyvinkää, in southern Finland, where the handling of raw materials, production, as well as shipping is taking place. All Flow products are handmade and represent genuine artisan cosmetics from Finland. Based on unique innovative methods, their cosmetics are compressed, waterless products that do not need any preservatives. Apart from a small number of essential oils, all their plant ingredients are organic and certified. In addition, the company only uses environmentally friendly and recyclable packing materials. They also actively seek out innovations and develop new ingredients for their natural cosmetics. Today Flow Cosmetics have grown into a real brand of organic cosmetics loved by customers not only in Finland but also in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

Flow Cosmetics operates in Hyvinkää.

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