Impolan Kasvitila

The Impolan Kasvitila works near Sastamala in South-West Finland. The farm has been in the same family since the late 19th century and the current entrepreneur Kaarlo Impola is the fourth host. The farm is located in a quiet countryside far-away from the intense traffic or industry plants.

Currently the farm employs an entrepreneurial family and contractors.

The main production plant is the oil hail-Finola. Hemp has been grown since 2010 and the farm is one of the groundbreaking actors in hemp farming. The farm produces multiple hemp products. Ecology, ethics of production, as well as the quality, health and safety of end products has been the base of the processes.

Impolan Kasvitila operates near Sastamala, South-West Finland.

Products by Impolan Kasvitila:



Hemp Protein

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