Kulkurin Kartano

Kulkurin Kartano

Niskanen Production Oy is a family business. The premises are located in Luvia, Western Finland. Naturalness, reliability and efficiency are the core values of the company.

The company imported handmade cosmetics still at the beginning of the 2010s. The often-repeated question of whether their products were produced in Finland acted as an incentive to start manufacturing natural cosmetics by themselves.

The threshold of learning how to produce large quantities of natural cosmetics was not high for Kirsi-Marja Niskanen. She had previous experience in homemade cosmetics and she was very interested in natural products. In 2013, she created the Beauty Cosmetics (Kaunis) product line of Kulkurin Kartano. After a couple of years, the company expanded its product line by adding a completely new selection of Beautiful Home (Kaunis Koti) products. The product line of Kulkurin Kartano is constantly expanding with new natural products after a careful design and assessment.

Kulkurin Kartano operates in Luvia.

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