LehtoPeat Oy is a peat production company in the North-West Finland with a long tradition in peat extraction and further processing. The company owns a natural swamp called Lehtosuo. The swamp has large areas of deposits that were assessed by the Geological Institute of Finland and classified as an excellent quality of treatment peat. Lehto Peat® is a registered trademark of special peat care products and all its products come from the special Lehtosuo layers of peat.

LehtoPeat Oy’s logo featuring Finland’s national bird, the Swan, is a guarantee for therapeutic, original, and organic marsh peat.

Information About LehtoPeat Products

Finland is a pioneer in knowledge about peatcare. Lehtosuo’s peat again is pure Finnish natural product that is lifted from the swamp without heavy machinery to preserve the composition of the peat. Only the best raw material is accepted for preparing LehtoPeat products. The peat is ground into a very fine mass right after being extracted from the Lehtosuo deposits. Nothing is removed or added to the peat.

LehtoPeat operates in Ähtäri.

Products by LehtoPeat


Peat Face Mask

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Resin Care