Moiko, a design company in Helsinki, focuses on ingenious accessories. It combines high quality, good cheer and practicality the way that makes their accessories suitable for all ages. Moikon was founded in spring 2010 by designers Mari Heinonmäki and Anu Saari. Their long-term cooperation in the field of art and design, and their desire to design everyday products that are particularly important to their users. The core values of the Moiko brand include presence, tolerance and friendship.

Reflective Hands Collection

The Reflective Glove Collection introduces gloves that act like hanging reflectors while walking. The idea of reflective gloves was based on an insight that there are people who do not want to use the traditional hanging reflector but nonetheless want to be seen in the dark. Humans already have two hanging and swinging things on both sides of the body, hands.

The reflection of the gloves has been made of high quality, carefully designed print designs. Also, a reflective strip is woven directly into the fabric of the gloves.

Moiko’s Reflective Hands Collection was honored by the international Red Dot Award for particularly high quality and well-implemented designs. It is one of the world’s largest design competition, annually organized by the German design center of North Rhine-Westphalia in Essen.

Moiko operates in Helsinki.

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