RANKA Joinery – Wooden Gifts Designed with Care</strong >

Ranka Joinery is located in Helsinki, Finland. The joinery honors high-quality Finnish carpentry. Wood as a natural material transmutes into unique chairs, kitchen cabinets, and stylish gifts in the hands of their skilled carpenters. Experienced craftsmanship knowns the characteristics of each tree species and always selects the best suited wood for each article.

Genuine wooden items and furniture are not only beautiful and unique products, but also very durable and even eternal when treated properly. Ranka Joinery’s thoughtful wooden articles are finished with eco-friendly natural oils and waxes that leave the final tones on their surface. Wood is a living material that, when oiled and waxed, maintains its natural color very well.

Ranka Joinery’s wooden articles bring a stylish and timeless addition to your table settings. The natural ingredients contained in the wood destroy the bacteria and thus make their unique wooden items excellent pieces of tableware.

Ranka operates in Helsinki.

Products by Ranka

Home & Decoration

Bottle Coaster and Cap


Arts & Design

Handcrafted Bowl


Home & Decoration

Handmade Sushi Set