Rauhala Koru Jewellery

Elsi Rauhala is an artisan goldsmith and has a degree in jewellery design from Lahti Institute of Design.
Rauhala’s designs are often geometrical and possess an airy quality. Made with love, skill and eye for detail, this jewellery will bring joy to the wearer for a long time.

Rauhala is not only interested in jewellery design but also the ethical questions behind jewellery manufacture. In her jewellery she uses transparently sourced materials whenever possible. The silver used is approximately 75% recycled and the rest comes mainly from Sweden. The gold in her jewellery is 100% recycled. This goes for most jewellery made in Finland which is why the designer wants to encourage people to buy Finnish jewellery.

Rauhala is inspired by plants, animals, sticks she finds in the forest and natural phenomena, as well as music and art. These, among other influences find their way into her designs.

Rauhalakoru operates in Helsinki.

Products by Rauhala Koru Jewellery