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The Tasty Powerhouses of Finnish Forests and Arctic Nature

Arctic wild berries ripening in clean Finnish forests deserve all the recent praise as natural superfood. They are also an important part of Nordic food culture. For example, lingonberries are most successful in the climatic zones of the northern hemisphere with acidic soil rich in organic matter and high groundwater. The arctic berries are tasty […]

CHOICE Finland’s Dedication for Well-Being

“For years I have worked with passion and heart for developing CHOICE Finland skincare products. The result is a great representation of Finnish skills and dedication. The purely natural cosmetics line has been developed with love to you.” – Maija CHOICE Finland product line signifies strong Finnish women and cold beautiful winter of the arctic […]

Krista’s Authentic Experiences of Natural and Vegan Products

I got a chance to test a few new products available at Authentic Finnish online store. I got a bottle of Hemp Seed Shampoo produced by Impola together with Laundry Vinegar and Vacuuming Powder developed by Kulkurin Kartano.  Let’s get started with the cleaning products by Kulkurin Kartano. After opening the laundry vinegar bottle, I […]

The Passion of the Peat Brothers’

The products of Authentic Finnish online store typify Finnish people’s creativity, expertise, and true love of nature. Lehto Peat® with its treatment peat products represents such a unique Finnish brand. LehtoPeat’s natural peat cosmetics are designed with 100% passion! The other day I contacted Heikki Ruha, the founder of LehtoPeat Ltd. The knowledge, passion, and […]

Natural Soaps, Laundry Vinegars and a Lot More!

Taking care of your home, nature, children and pets, now beautifully packed – By a Happy Client: These lovely products are made and packaged in Finland. Kulkurin Kartano has really nailed their design and products. Beautiful labels and scents leave regular cleaning products into their shadow. At least personally I’d much rather keep beautiful bottles […]