About Us

Business goals and philosophy

Our goal is to be the top market place for authentic high quality Finnish articles and wellness products. We appreciate Finnish designers’ and producers’ efforts and support their business goals. We bring the products of Finnish creativity and nature available to all modern customers. The assortment highlights new ideas, personality, and high quality.

Emphasis on ethic consuming and products

Modern consumers prefer ethical and ecological choices. They want to preserve the nature and protect humanity. They look for products with best possible standards. Original and clean products with fully tracked production line will attract today consumers. They value articles that contribute to people’s wellbeing. We focus on those customers’ needs. The shop introduces authentic Finnish items that underline ethics and preserve nature.

Preference for unique design and personalized items

Modern consumers also value unique designs and personalized items. High quality articles express customers’ ideas and preferences. They respond to consumers’ individual needs and are adaptable to their desires. Authentic.FI offers unique Finnish articles to both national and international customers.

High demand for Authentic Finnish design and products

Finland is well known of its high quality products and talented people. Finnish design and the clean nature of Finland are highly appreciated by people all over the world. Our multi-webshop brings authentic Finnish products close to those customers in Europe and beyond.