About Us

Authentic Finnish is a registered trademark and global web shop for authentic Finnish design, natural cosmetics, and wellness products. It grew out of enthusiasm for unique arctic nature and in honor of multi-talented, creative people of Finland. Coming back to Finland after several years abroad opened the founders’ eyes for the treasure of Finland. The country and its people possess so much talent to be shared with the rest of the world. Yet their skills too often stay unrecognized due to the Finns´ sincere and humble way of live inherited from their ancestors. The country’s precious nature and its highly skillful people deserve much more recognition than they have received so far.

The Authentic Finnish logo (®).

Families in Finland have always lived close to forests, meadows, and lakes. The unique nature with thousands of lakes and countless green forests has both fed and protected the Nordic folk. We Finns have learnt to cherish and respect the arctic nature. After cold winter and refreshing springtime, we fully enjoy the long summer days and midnight sun of the North. The four seasons have set the rhythm of our daily live and activities in the past. We still have a fundamental yearning to be close to the nature and its wonders.

Our mission

Authentic Finnish web shop, as the name suggests, is dedicated to supply very special, high quality Finnish products to customers all over the world. We appreciate Finnish designers’ and small producers’ work and support their business goals. We value unique ideas, support high standards of humanity, and promote wellbeing.

Our customers have easy access to a wide variety of unique Finnish designs and articles through our global web shop. They also come to learn about Finland and authentic Finnish producers and handcrafts. We continuously develop our concept to better serve both our customers and the producers. We appreciate cooperation and welcome any feedback and new ideas. Authentic Finnish web shop applies the best practices in online marketing and sales. We emphasize security and reliability in the web shop operations and online tools.

Authentic Finnish web shop and the company Authentic Finland Oy are highly committed to sustainable development. The concept adheres to transparency and ethics in business. We promote original natural products and ecological choices. We introduce innovative new products and small brands that underline ethics and preserve the arctic nature in their production and values. The Authentic Finnish online store and the brand foster and work for people’s wellbeing and protection of the nature.