Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy shortly:

  • We do not share your data
  • We do not store customer payment information, such as credit card numbers or usernames to payment services
  • All our content use secured SSL content to make your connection over internet as secure as possible
  • We keep our services updated
  • We use cookies to deliver best possible user experience

Data Collected?

All data collected and the ground of collection is explained in register description. We do not share your information to any third parties.

Payment System(s) Security

We do not collect any user payment information (such as credit card numbers, security codes or usernames for external payment services).

Network Traffic Security

Network traffic between the web service and client computer/mobile device is secured by encrypting traffic using SSL certificate. Our whole site uses secured connection.


Service provider(s) make their best effort to make sure site uses high quality and secure methods and software. Service provider(s) make their best effort to keep all software up-to-date.

Cookies service uses cookies to enhance service quality. Using site without cookies may be possible, but some functions or features (such as logging in and shopping cart) may not work properly.