Description of data file

Description of data file shortly

  • Data stored in register is required by web service and visitor service
  • Data will not be disclosed outside the web service system or outside the EU or the EEA
  • Data will be saved to the database and is maintained by web service. The access to the database is given only those who require data.

This description of customer data file is based on Personal Data Act (523/1999), Section 10, of Finnish legislation and is drafted on 30th July, 2017. The customer data file is called Customer Data File of Authentic Finnish -webshop.

1. Controller of the data file

The controller of the data file is Authentic Finland Oy (2931502-2), the company of the Authentic Finnish -webshop. Please use contact information to contact us with any questions concerning the Customer Data File of Authentic Finnish -webshop.

2. Purpose of processing personal data

The personal data gathered from Authentic Finnish -webshop customers is needed to enable use of the webshop service, payment of purchases through the service, as well as high-quality customer care. The data also ensures the use of the versatile operations of the web service. In addition, the data in file will be utilised in further developing the service.

The customer may be contacted by e-mail or, if the user provided other contact information, through other means.

3. Data content of the file

The customer of the webshop is asked to provide the user’s first name and last name, the user’s address, and the user’s e-mail address when registering in the service. From the user registering as a producer we additionally ask the name and identifier of the company and the contact details. In using the service, the system of the webshop records some activities in the database. Customer data stored in the database contains such as orders made in the webshop, reviews provided, and communication within the service. Activities in updating product information, communication in the members’ side and with the service provider are recorded in the database from the producer of the webshop.

4. Regular sources of data

The data about the user is obtained regularly from the customer or the representative of the producer in person.

5. 5. Regular disclosure and transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Data will not be disclosed outside the web service system or outside the EU or the EEA. Data may be disclosed in special occasions to public authority of Finland under the restrictions and obligations covered by valid Finnish legislation. In addition, data may be disclosed to new representatives of the company in case of corporate acquisitions.

6. Principles of securing the data file

There is no manual material. Only employees who have the right to handle the customer and producer data in the company are authorised to use the system that contains customer and producer data. Each user has a personal user ID and password for the system. Users of the data are under an obligation of professional confidentiality. The data is stored in a database owned by the Arimo OSK, and access to the database is only authorised for those who need it. The service utilises components of social media, by which users may transfer information to different social media websites. We recommend users to explore description of data files in such services.