The Tiny Powerhouses of Finnish Forests and Arctic Nature

Wild berries ripening in Finnish forests deserve all the recent credit as natural superfood. They are tasty and contain vitamins and nutrients necessary for our health. Many of these arctic wild berries also have scientifically proven healing effects. You can find these healthy berries and the innovative arctic berry products here below.

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Joy of North

– Easy-to-Use Freeze-Dried Berries

Thanks to a unique scientific freeze-drying process, these tasty berries contain all the vitamins and nutrients of fresh wild Finnish berries. Add the berries to your pastries, drinks, and cereals, or simply enjoy the berries as your healthy snacks!


– Wild Blueberry Powders

Based on a special low-temperature drying process, these high-quality berry powders contain most of the important nutrients included in fresh wild blueberries and black currant.


– Roasted Flaxseed With Natural Berries

You need only one tablespoon of these berry-flaxseed mixes to cover your daily antioxidants. The slowly roasted ground flaxseed products contain wild blueberry, lingonberry, or sea-buckthorn.

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